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Patryk Jezierski

Patryk Jezierski I started counting springs from 1979. Since that time I have managed to graduate from few schools, including two photographic. I had few individual and collective exhibitions (for example Galeria 65, ff), presentations (Śląski Maraton Fotograficzny) also publications. My everyday work is “for sale” photography. Since 2008 at Postsecondary School of Photography FOTOEDUKACJA I teach Reportage Photography and Photographic Techniques. During my classes my goal is to present unconventional approach to photography, including classic analogue one, as digital one, also a typical work with the client, which means ways of dealing with different types of request in various situations…


Patryk Jezierski teaches subject ‘Digital Photography Workshop’ and ‘Reportage Photography Workshop’ at Postsecondary School of Photography FOTOEDUKACJA.

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