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Sebastian Szwajczak

Sebastian Szwajczak Sebastian Szwajczak born in 1975. Photographer. In his circle of photo interest is fashion understood as: a way of  expression, manifestation of ones personality, social phenomenon.






Szwajczak photographs mainly people;
Practices: portrait, life style, beauty, staged photography.


His last series of works has a very explicit storytelling aspect – on one side they show situations which are taking places between characters of his photos, on the other side they concentrate on those characters emotions. Portrayed by the photographer, captured in frames, the stories become as important as composition, light or other aesthetic aspects of his works.
He does photography from 12 years as professional. Works for advertising agencies and press. He is a member of London Photographic Association and a tutor at School of Photography FOTOEDUKACJA. He lives and works in Katowice.

Sebastian Szwajczak teaches subject ‘Digital Image Editing’ and ‘Photographic techniques - studio photography’ at Postsecondary School of Photography FOTOEDUKACJA.

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