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About Postsecondary Photographic School Fotoedukacja

Szkoła fotografii Fotoedukacja Fotoedukacja is an image, a positive picture of our photography teaching idea, which was created just for you. From the very beginning of our activity, since 2000, we attempt to popularize photography studies in its broad meaning.
Courses and workshops, which are being held by FOTOEDUKACJA, are an area where the interests of many our students, pupils, apprentices and tutors concentrate and thoughts and experiences are exchanged. The Photography is for many of us our Hobby, it is an Art to some of us, and even something beyond that for the rest.


Thanks to the universal and total digital technology with "cellphones" in our pockets, all of us are photographers. Because, which one of us didn't attempt to make a photo?

FOTOEDUKACJA is a place for you. We offer an adventure with photography. If you are considering photography as a way to acquire new professional qualifications for film or art studies, we propose lessons at Postsecondary Photographic School FOTOEDUKACJA.

A One Year Photographic College at Fotoedukacja is suggested to those of you with limited time budged, interested in conscious creation of photographic picture, willing to acknowledge and complement their own photography making abilities. The One Year Photographic College ends with a diploma work in a selected by you specialization.

We also want to invite you to participate in our courses at FOTOEDUKACJA, in photography and graphics. This is were you have an opportunity, and very often a chance for the very first time, to "taste and feel" conscious photography creation. Digital photography, photojournalism, classic, studio photography, nude photography, pinhole will allow you to develop your own personal interests.



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