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Krzysztof Niesporek

Krzysztof NiesporekI was born 1950 in Katowice-Szopienice. After primary school I had started education in Technikum Fototechniczne in Katowice – Piotrowie, where after mature exam I received a Photo Technician diploma.





In 1971 I begun work at my grandfather’s, Augystyn Niesporek, photo studio established in 1919. In 1974 I received a title of master of photography. In the studio I work constantly till the present days. During my private photography business I have joined Klub Artystycznej Fotografii in Katowice, where after few years I became a member of  the club’s board, and subsequently a chairman. During that time I was also a master of Wojewódzki Cech Fotografów w Katowicach. Other hosted by me duties were – chairman of Stowarzyszenie Fotografów Polskich. I conducted trainings for professional photographers – craftsmen hosted by ‘Elfo’ company from Łódź.
From the time of first photo fair in Międzyzdroje I tried there to bring up to the people photography workshop. Till today, together with ‘Sony Poland’, I conduct workshops at Fairs in Łódź.
During my professional work I managed to arrange few photo exhibitions, among the others:

  1. Twarze Tele -3 cz.-1
  2. Twarze Tele – 3 cz.-2
  3. Milusińscy
  4. Kobiety w fotografii rodziny Niesporków
  5. Twarze Grad”Oro
  6. Portret

After joining ZPAF in Katowice I participated in collaborative exhibitions, for example:

  1. 60-lecie ZPAF
  2. Granice
  3. Śląski Tramwaje
  4. Moja Mała Ojczyzna

Nowadays I am preparing exhibition called  ‘Nikisz’ and ‘Ludzie z Nikiszowca’. I was always interested in portrait that is why I want to be remain faithful to this until the end of my professional and artistic work.


Krzysztof Niesporek teaches subject ‘Portrait and Studio Photography’ workshops at Postsecondary School of Photography FOTOEDUKACJA.

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